"Give a child a dollar and he will spend it in a day.  Teach him how to manage a dollar and watch them both grow for a lifetime​."

                                                        Judy McNiff, CFP

Life can be tough if we don't know how to manage our money wisely. The How To Tame The Money Monster book series will help you teach your child Personal and Financial Responsibility through stories. Personal Responsibility encompasses, among other things, doing household chores, understanding the difference between needs versus wants and understanding delayed gratification. Financial Responsibility encompasses, among other things, earning money, spending and investing wisely, saving for things we want, understanding the dangers of borrowing and using credit cards, and sharing our money with others who need help.

These stories demonstrate everyday opportunities to show children how to manage their money and their lives more wisely. Each story in the series will teach a variety of core money values and concepts. They are intended to be another tool to help you teach children or grandchildren important values about money.